The Athlete Never Dies In You

This is the point of Cover Ground that I have been trying to get across to people. Once an athlete at any point you will always be an athlete as long as you were once passionate about being one.

The Character….

Being an athlete builds character, and most athletes don’t even realize it. The dedication to the sports, the emotion for it, and the feeling of knowing that you put your all into something. That builds heart, it makes you a stronger person.

Athletes work their butts off day in and day out when NO ONE is watching. Most of what people see is the competitions but they forget what it takes to get to that point.  Being an athlete builds trust, in yourself, teammates and especially coaches who can become parent like figures.


The fact is that we can’t be high level athletes our whole lives. I don’t care if you are past your prime, in your prime or coming up in your prime you need to hear what I say and hear it well.

It is mandatory that you hold tight not onto being an athlete but what it means and what it TAKES to be one. It is this that will travel with you for the rest of your life. When you get a job and have to be there at 7:00 every morning you will laugh because when you were an athlete you had to be at practice for 6:00. Since you had a hard practice that morning you had to wake up at 4:00 so you could eat a solid breakfast without throwing up.

When you look at your bank account and see that you are broke and you are not sure how you are going to make it. You will remeber the times when you were broke and everyone was telling you quit playing sports and wasting your time and go get a real job. You still found a way.

When you work hard to get a promotion and someone else gets it, or life just disappoints you in any of the many ways it can. You will rememeber when you trained your butt of all off-season only to get that season ending injury before the season even started.

You will remember how mentally tough you were when your body was screaming at you to quit but your heart told you to keep going.

You see being an athlete from the outside looking in is not that big of a deal. Others just see some individuals who get looked up to because of their talents. But athletes know better. They know what it really means to bleed for your sport. If you take your passion for being an athlete and put it into ANYTHING you will see it become something great.

Life Goes On

The reason I started Parilexx was because my Mom drilled into my brain that I will not be an athlete forever. With that I always knew that what it means to be an athlete would always be with me. I did it to show people that think they love being an athlete that it is not being an athlete they love. They love what it takes to be one. It is about being apart of a team, working hard towards a goal that can seem almost impossible to reach at times.

In the same way being an athlete can make you the happiest person in the world, and on other days the saddest person. That is what Parilexx has had the ability to do in my life. It is full of road blocks just like my atheltic career. Nothing in the world feels better than to conquer those road blocks.

Athletes must always be on the lookout for what their next move will be. Being an athlete becomes so entreched in your heart that the only way to walk away from it peacefully and minimize the pain is to find something else you are passionate about.

Dont make that mistake in thinking that being an athlete defines you because it is far from true. We all have talents far outside being an athlete it is just we have not realized them all yet.

(original image by chrisschuillo)