Measure How Much You Have to Lose in Life

We all have things we want to accomplish but some voice inside our heads tells us not to go after what we really want. For example anytime somone wants to be a musician, they are met with a whole bunch of people who think that there is no way they could ever make it big.

We are often told in life by optimistic people that “you have nothing to lose.” When I think about that line for myself I know I have nothing to lose in life but I thought about some other people and realized that this is not always true.

I created a little game that will help show you if you have nothing to lose or not. All I know is that if you go through this and realize that you don’t have anything to lose and you still wont go after your dreams then you are officially insane.

How to Play

  • Start With 0 Points
  • Answer every applicable question
  • Each answer has + or – points
  • Add Up your total score
  • Only works if you are honest with yourself

Level 1 – Optimism

Is the Glass Half full or half emtpy?

Empty = 3 points Full = 0 points

Level 2 – Age

Are you…

16 or under = -5

Between 17 + 25 = 0

Between 26-34 = 2

Between 35- 44 = 3

Over 45 = 5

Level 3 – Your New Family

Are You Married?

Yes = 5 No = 0

If not, are you in a relationship that is serious enough that the above is being considered?

Yes= 2 No= 0

Do You Have a Kid?

Yes = 2 No = -4

If Yes, do you have more than one kid?

Yes = 1 No = 0

Level 4 – School

*Skip question if it does not apply

Do you plan on going or you already going to college/university (skip if you have completed college)

Yes=1 No= -3

If yes are you receiving a scholarship that is worth more than 20% of tuition?

Yes= 2 No= 0

Are you in school and have dreams about dropping out or you CANT WAIT to be DONE?

Yes=-3 No=0

Do you need grad school to do what you think you will love?

Yes= 4 No= 0

If finished school, are you satisfied with what it has done for you? (skip if still in school)

Yes = 2 No = -3

Level 5 – Assests

Do you own a car?

Yes = 1 No = -3

Do you own a house?

Yes- 2 No= 0

Do you/will you have any planned debt?

Yes = 2 No =-2

Do you own a yacht?

Yes= Why are you even doing this if you own a yacht life can’t be that tought right now No = On to the next question

Level 6 – Your Old Family

Do your parents have really high expectations for you?

Yes = 1 No= -1

Are you the oldest of your siblings?

Yes= 1 No=0

Are Your Parents Wealthy?

Yes= -3 No= -1

Level 7 – Fear

Do you tend to play it safe or take risks?

Safe = 4 Risks = 0

Do you have problems with fearing failure?

Yes= 2 No= 0

Level 8 – Outlook

Do you make excuses or find solutions?

Excuses = 0 Solutions = -3

Do you like to know what your future has in store?

Yes = 1 No = 0

Level 9 – Work Life

Do you have a job?

Yes = 2 No = 0

Do you love your job or do you do it for the money?

Love= You hav found what you love in life Money= on to the next question

If you do it for the money would you be willing to give it up?

Yes = 0 No = 5

Level 10 – Last but Not Least

Do you feel very respected in life?

Yes = 2 No = -2

Can You Live Off of Just Your Needs and Not Your Wants?

Yes = -2 No = 4


0 points or less = you literally have the world to gain if you go after your wildest dreams and NOTHING to lose

1-9 Points= You have very little to lose and so much more to gain.

If at 10-22 Points = You have somethings to lose and must make a tough decision based off how much you could gain and how happy you are with life.

23-40 points = You have a lot to lose but if you are a big risk taker maybe the leap wont hurt so bad.

40+ Points = You Have a lot going on in your life and the saying you have nothing to lose does not apply to you in anyway.

Share your score in the comments below. Also share this with a friend because you never knew who could be holding themselves back from their dreams. I don’t care if you tell a friend, tweet it, share it on Facebook just make sure you tell some others so we can all reach our dreams.

(original image by johnnie)

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