Life After Death? Rest in Peace

This article is part 2 of the article Life After Death?. It would help to read that article before you read this one.

The Amazing Talk I Had…

It all started one day when I was talking with two of my team members here at Iowa State. We were helping out at a camp and it was lunch time so we were chilling out. They started talking to me about their roomate who just happens to be the same kid that John Carlos asked why he runs in part 1. They were saying how he has no job and how he is confused about what he is going to do with his life after death. They were talking about how he constantly shows up late for the one job he did have and at that moment…I knew I had my part 2 of this article.


The simple fact that they told me that he came late to his job hit me with a quick slap in the face. I realized that how people act towards their athletic careers really shows how successful they will be when that career comes to an end. Don’t get this confused now. This does not mean that successful athletes will be successful people in anyway shape or form.

Sports have a way of pointing out your true character because they put you in the light for a while and see how you act. Then they grab you and put you in the dark and see how you behave. It is a constant test of our character.

This guy often showed up late to practice like I never understood it. Practice started at 3:30 and he would roll in the building in his casual clothes at 3:32. Then all a sudden you mean to tell me that once track was done and he had a job he was doing the same thing?

I started looking thinking about many of the athletes I have known through out my life and it was almost scary.  I could practically point out everyone who was going on to do big things and everyone who was just lost and confused about life. All the people who had big things going for them were not always the most talented or the most successful athletes…BUT THEY WORKED THEIR BUTTS OFF AND HAD VERY STRONG CHRACTERS AT ALL TIMES.

The people who looked for the short cuts on the track were the ones who looked for the short cuts in life. The ones who paid attention to the small details on the track, looked at small details in all aspects of their life and they used that to better themselves.

This showed me that sports are so much more than most people even realize. They set that foundation for your work ethic and determination. The same 2 skills that you will need to use the rest of your life. You have to use your time as an athlete to launch you into your Life After Death. You will be able to RIP because you will be calm and know you have the skills to be successful at anything you touch.

Dont Quit On Me Just Yet

This kid we were talking about had the biggest dreams and I honestly hope he atleast reads this part. He came to ISU with dreams of being a proffesional track athlete and there is nothing wrong with that. He lost sight of his goal and the fact that things will not just be handed to you on a silver platter.

You have to push yourself way past the point where you think you are going to quit. I always say that when you are THIS close to quitting… that is usually when you are the closest to succeeding, but you just do not know it yet.

I am going to use my brothers wonderful fiancee Nikkita Holder as a perfect example. This story is no joke. When I was a freshman here at ISU she was in her last year at Illinois. I remember going to the Drake Relays which is a huge track meet here in Iowa. I rememeber getting there and seeing another Canadian girl that went to her school. I asked her where she was at, and she told me that Nikkita never got to travel.

(For those of you not familiar with how NCAA track works. Every meet away from home the school will only travel a certain amount of people. If you are decent you should be on the bus so the fact that she was not had me in aww.)

This girl saw injury after injury and continued but continued to pursue her dreams after college and try and get a pro contract. Even when quitting was looking like the easiest thing to do this girl kept going she kept grinding. 2 years later of not giving up this is where she ended up >>>>>>Balling her ASS OFF on the World Stage. She is the one representing Canada and doing it well. She went on to be the 6th Best Hurdler in the World in 2011.  All I want you to remember though is that she did not quit.

So What…

I will make this real simple

1. Make the most of your time as an athlete because that RIP is coming

2. Fix where you fall short as an athlete because that will walk with you through life until you fix it

3. Never quit on your dreams because they will never come easy

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